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      Group Introduction

          Harbin Dongjian Group, founded in 1988, is a set of construction machinery, steel structure products design, manufacture, installation, service and tourism culture industry in the integration of diversified private joint-stock enterprises, built from Harbin Dongjian Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD. Heilongjiang Dongjian Steel Structure Co., LTD., Harbin Volga manor Cultural Tourism Co., LTD., the total area of 830,000 square meters, existing staff of nearly one thousand people, an annual output value of nearly 300 million yuan. The main products are tower crane, construction elevator, concrete mixing station three series of dozens of specifications, the advanced technology makes the best-selling products at home and abroad, exported to many countries such as Russia, The Republic of Belarus and Ukraine, exports reached $16 million in the year, enjoys a high reputation in the local market. After years of efforts, in Russia it has established a complete sales service network, covering all of Russia. Group implement modern enterprise management, passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and the construction machinery products have gained the products inspection certification and use licenses from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries.


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        Tourist Center/ Store

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        Pushkin Salon

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        Forest Villa

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        Pavlov palace (castle)

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        Golden Ribbon Western Restaurant

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        Fantasia Club

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